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"Beach Memories" Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card/Photo Frame (Set of 4)

These miniature adirondack chair frames are handcrafted, hand painted, and provide a decorative touch to beach events. The chair frames are made of poly resin and can be used later to display a photo. These chairs are white and measure 3"x 2 ¼" with a 1 ½" x 1 ¼" frame for a place card or photo.
From €22.04

Beachcombers Flip Flop Placecard Holders - Set of 4 (2 pairs)

Pretty little toes, all in a row! These darling, handpainted flip flop placecard holders will splash a little summery color on your reception tables. Each placecard holder is loaded with sweet detail sure to tickle any guest like the multicolor trim, or the tiny pearl that adorns the metal clip. Each set includes two pairs of flip flops, ie 4 placecard holders, which your guests can later take home to use as memo clips or photo holders. Beachcomber sea life theme features pearlized fish or starfish details on each little shoe. Each clip measures approximately 4” tall, 2” long and about one inch wide.
From €14.02

"Beautifully Beaded" Photo Frame/Placeholder "As seen in the hit movie 27 Dresses"

Picture this bit of elegance enhancing each place setting at your resplendent event! Fill the gleaming metal frame with a place card or a favorite photo. When they take this lovely favor home, your happy guests will fill the frame with a favorite photo of their own.

Features and facts:
  • Metal frame is embellished with dainty, beaded design
  • Back of frame is covered with black velvet
  • Preprinted, ready-to-personalize table card included
  • Frame measures 4" x 3"
From €3.83

"Black Baroque" Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

Rarely has there been a favor designed with such classic elegance. The artists at Kate Aspen have created this fashionable photo frame in 17th-Century Italian baroque style, where architecture, painting, sculpture, and the decorative arts combine to capture finely detailed movement. Whatever it holds a place card or your favorite photo, our captivating baroque frame graces your tables with grandeur.

Features and facts:
  • Intricately designed, glossy black-resin Baroque photo frame
  • Black back and vertical stand with easy-open access to photo space
  • Frame has 2 ½ " h x 1 ¾ " space for photo or place card
  • Insert with coordinating accent can be used as a place card
  • Baroque frame measures 4 ¾ " h x 3 ½ " w
From €4.19

"Bourbon Street" Streetlight Place Card Holder with Coordinating Place Cards (Set of 4)

Let a nostalgic expression of days gone by lead the way to your happy occasion. Guests will feel like they are in a historic place full of old-world charm as this clever streetlight favor shows them the way to their seats with a place card that looks like a street sign. Delightfully unique!

Features and facts:
  • Gracefully crafted, metal-and-resin streetlight is black with painted, white "glass" windows in the lamp
  • Streetlight measures approximately 4 ¼" h x 3" w (with place card)
  • Place card with scroll design included
  • Sold in a set of four
  • Featured in BRIDES magazine
From €12.48

"Evergreen" Window Planter Place Card/Photo Holder (Set of 4)

Everyone can use a little "green" when planning a celebration, and Kate Aspen has just what you need! Perfect for both outdoor and indoor events, our pretty planter place card/photo holder favor symbolizes fresh air, sunshine and gratitude for your guests.

Features and facts:
  • Charming, rectangular brown-wood "planter" with artificial, green grass and a small silver clip for holding place card/photo place cards included
  • Favor measures approximately 1 ½" h x 2 ½" w x 1 ¼ w (without place card)
From €14.46

"Good Fortune" Fortune Cookie Place Card Holder (Set of 4)

Your guests will be lucky to find this favor at their seat! The slender card is just the right size to hold your guest's name or a sweet message from the lucky couple. A wonderful addition to your wedding, this silver-tone replica of a classic cookie will surely bring good fortune to your guests.

Features and facts:
  • Silver tone fortune cookie with side slot to hold slender card, which can hold name or hand-written message Made of resin Sold as a set of four Fortune cookie measures 1 ½" x 1 ¾" x 1" Name card measures 1 ¾" x ½"
From €10.19

"Little Book of Memories--Gold Edition" Mini Photo Album

Go for the gold! We did! Our silver-finish "Little Book of Memories" photo album is one of Kate Aspen's most popular favors, so we knew it was time to launch the sequel in gorgeous gold! This is the favor for sharing magnificent memories! Your event will make it a "great read"!

Features and facts:
  • Beautiful, bead-accented, gold-finish-metal mini photo album with black-velvet back and "For You" insert on the front cover holds 24 3 ½" x 2 ½" photos
  • Cover-photo space measures 2 ¾" x 1 ¾"
  • Album measures approximately 4" h x 3" w x 1" d
From €5.17

"Little Book of Memories" Place Card Holder/Mini Photo Album

Give your guests the gift of memories and somewhere to preserve them. A place card holder. A frame. A photo album. This hard-working little favor does it all!

Features and facts:
  • Front cover features a charming, beaded silver metal frame Frame holds a preprinted, ready-to-personalize table card Album holds 24 wallet-sized photos (25 with cover frame) Favor measures 3" x 4"
From €5.14

"Love Songs" Silver-Finish Music Note Place Card/Photo Holder (Set of 4)

If music be the food of love, play on. Immortal words from William Shakespeare and wonderful reason to favor your guests with "Love Songs" Place Card/Photo Holder, Kate Aspen's tribute to the harmonies that have become the heart and soul of romance--and our lives.

Features and facts:
  • Silver-finish, metal musical clef with sturdy base and slot at the top for place card or photo
  • Coordinated place card with musical notes in four corners included
  • Favor measures 3" h x 1" w
  • Sold in a set of four
From €11.26

"Love" Place Card Holder/Picture Holder With Matching Place Cards (Set of 4)

It's the little things that often make the biggest statement! Share your LOVE with these meaningful place card holders that your guests will love using as photo holders at home!

Features and facts:
  • Crafted of quality chrome LOVE is in two rows of block letters, with a heart representing the O Includes designer place cards
  • Measures 1 ¼"x1 ¼"
  • Sold in a set of four
From €7.70

"Lucky in Love" Silver-Finish Lucky Elephant Place Card/Photo Holder (Set of 4)

In Eastern cultures, an elephant with its trunk held high symbolizes good luck something you're wished on your wedding day, and something you wish for family and friends always. Make it a prominent part of your once in a lifetime moment with Kate Aspen's silvery, Asian inspired lucky elephant place card/photo holder favor.

Features and facts:
  • Charming, resin silver-finish elephant with raised trunk containing small slit for place card or photo
  • Elephant measures approximately 1 ⅝" h x 1 ¾" w x 1 ⅛" d
  • Place card included
  • Sold in a set of four
From €13.43

"Maison du Vin" Wine Cork Place Card/Photo Holder with Grape-Themed Place Cards (Set of 4)

When two wine lovers wed, perhaps in a lovely vineyard, and the house wine at the reception is naturally spectacular, there's a Kate Aspen favor made just for you. You can share your affinity for wine with guests by choosing this charming place card/photo holder.

Features and facts:
  • Resin "cork" replicates the wine corks used in top-tier wines
  • Cork is embossed with an old-world winery below the engraved words Maison du Vin A vine-and-grapes motif adorns the matching place card
  • Favor measures approximately ¾" h x 2" w x 1" d
  • Sold in a set of four
From €9.28

"Memories by the Dozen" Set of 12 Miniature Photo Frames/Placeholders

Function meets finesse! These sweet miniature photo frames add silver shine and clean lines to your reception tables. They'll show your guests to their seats and, later, show off a favorite photo!

Features and facts:
  • Sleek, silver-finish place card/photo holder
  • Frame measures 2" h x 2 ½" w
  • Photo opening measures 1 ¼" h x 1 ¾" w
  • Sold in a set of 12
From €17.78

"Ornate" Antique Gold Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

A gold frame. A picture of loveliness. A stunning impact. Pure classic elegance perfectly describes Kate Aspen's exquisite Victorian Frame, intricate in design and richly crafted for the most special occasions.

Features and facts:
  • Charming antique-gold resin frame with intricate openwork design and beaded accents
  • Can be positioned vertically or horizontally
  • Frame measures approximately 4 ½" h x 3 ¾" w
  • Table card included
From €3.71

"Scenic View" Tree-Branch Place Card/Photo Holder

At last a favor so captivating, it starts making memories the moment your guests sit down! Nature also had a hand in designing this outdoorsy, autumn themed favor, because the exquisite detail perfectly captures a forest's incomparable beauty.

Features and facts:
  • Finely detailed tree branches form a sylvan inspired, resin frame with a tiny bird sweetly perched on an inner twig
  • Frame measures 3 ¼" h x 4 ¼" w
  • Place card included
From €3.28

'Seaside' Sand and Shell Placecard Holder

Thinking of a beach wedding then consider this whimsical little keepsake, which does double duty both as a placecard holder and fun photo frame. The gently crashing surf is mirrored by the curved, sloping design of the 3,5" x 2,75" poly resin frame, which also features realistically colored starfish and seashells. The soft felt on the back is juxtaposed against a delightfully authentic, sandy finish on the front that just begs to be touched. Catch the wave!
From €3.63

"Shells by the Sea" Authentic Shell Placecard Holders with Matching Placecards (Set of 6)

Create the perfect seaside atmosphere by showing your guests to their seats with these beautiful authentic shell holders. Each dainty, shiny shell holds a placecard and guests can later use these keepsake shells to hold their own photos. A perfect memento for seaside events!

Features and facts:
  • Sold as a set of 6 Matching designer placecards included Because these are real sea shells actual size and shape may vary
From €14.81

"Shining Sails" Silver Place Card Holders (Set of Four)

When the sea beckons, love sets sail near the splendor of a sun-drenched shore. Create the ambiance only a beach wedding can inspire by making your tables an ocean full of glistening silver sailboats with these "Shining Sails" Place Card Holders each one a paragon of stunning simplicity.

Features and facts:
  • Silvery metal sailboats hold place cards or photos.
  • Sailboats measure 1 ½" x 1 ¼" x ½"
  • Sold as a set of four
From €12.56

"Snowflake" Place Card Holder/Ornament (Set of 4)

At your seasonal event, at every table, this Snowflake Place Card Holder is destined to be the handiest hit of any winter occasion, giving your guests a choice of uses when they take it home. The stand on the back of the snowflake creates the iconic place card holder for your winter themed table decor. With its elegant black ribbon, the silver-tone, beautifully designed snowflake becomes a keepsake ornament. And of course, the magnet on the back lets your guests attract a snowfall wherever they wish.

Features and facts:
  • Silver-tone snowflake place card holder with stand can also be displayed as a magnet or hung as an
  • Features a magnet on the back and black satin ribbon for easily display in the home or Office
  • Measures 3 ¾" x 3 ¾"Sold as a set of four
From €14.02

"White Baroque" Elegant Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

Designed to take your breath away! Stunning doesn't begin to describe Kate Aspen's fabulous "White Baroque" frame. Masterfully crafted in lavish detail, this favor not only thanks your guests in grand style, it also becomes an intrinsic part of your table decor.

Features and facts:
  • Stunning, baroque-style, resin place card holder/photo frame with matte-white finish
  • Black back and frame stand with easy access to place card/photo space
  • Frame measures 5" h x 3 ½" w
  • Place card/photo space measures 2 ½" h x 1 ¾" w
From €4.19

Beautifully Beaded Gold Photo Frame/Place Holder

Waiting behind crystal clear glass surrounded by beads of bright gold is the perfect place for a favorite photo of the happiest couple you know a thoughtful gift of appreciation your wedding guests will always treasure. Or use Kate Aspen's Beautifully Beaded Photo Frame as place holders, letting your guests save their favor for a favorite photo of their own.

Features and facts:
  • Finely crafted, versatile, resin frame, with brushed-gold patina, has a velvety-black finish on the back and accommodates either horizontal or vertical photos 2 ¾" x 1 ¾" in size
  • Photo frame measures approximately 3" x 4"
From €3.83

Swaying Calla Lily Pearlescent Place Card/ Photo Frame

Picture this... an engagement photo of the happy couple framed in these pretty pearlescent frames greeting your guests as they arrive at their tables. Whether in your bouquet or on your reception tables, calla lilies are the quintessential wedding flowers. Exquisite!

Features and facts:
  • Hand-painted, shimmering-white pearlescent photo frame decorated with silver accents and two lovely calla lilies on the right
  • Subtle curve in frame gives added dimension
  • Frame measures 3" h x3 ½" w
From €4.34

Charming Chrome Bell Place Card/Photo Holder with Dangling Heart Charm (Set of 4)

Let beautiful bells ring throughout your event with this charmed and charming bell place card/photo holder! What a resounding way to say "thank you" to all your guests!

Features and facts:
  • Chrome bell has a delicate, dangling heart on the handle
  • Bell measure 3 ½" x 1 ¾" Sold in sets of four
From €25.28